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Revealing The Secrets Behind The Meaning Of The Name And The Tagline

Tending To The Transparent Infinity...

"Esfera De SinihsiaV" Is Portuguese For "Sphere Of SinihsiaV".

Esfera/Sphere Metaphorically Refers To A Tiny Habitable Planet, Or A Spherical Living Space. Esfera For Us, Is Our Home. "Us" Here Refers To The Authors, "SinihsiaV". We'd Say We're Two Halves Of One But That Can Give You Wrong Ideas. Yet, Who Are We To Care? We Just Simply Are Two Stupid Crazy Selfish-Bastards, As We Like To Call Ourselves, "Best Friends". (Honestly, Dunno If That's Even A Coherent Term, But Whatever.)


So, Here We Are, At Home, On Our "Esfera De SinihsiaV". "SinihsiaV" Is Portmanteau Of The Names, "Sinid" And "Ilahsiav".  (Just The Same Like Those Old-School Ship Names Fans Use For Any Pair Of People In A Movie, Series, Novel, Comics, Etc.

And, Oh, We Just Used It 'Cause We Couldn't Think Of A Better Name, Bah.)


Going Deeper, Esfera, A Sphere, Symbolizes An Infinite Space, Having No Ends, And Hence No Limits. You Can Even Go On To Say, We'd Like To Have No Spherical Boundary, Too, But We Like To Differentiate Our Esfera From The Other Spaces. You Can Assume It As A Protective Layer, A Smart Layer Which Makes The Insides Pretty Much Ours, Like A Home. 


The Logo, Is Just The Name, Esfera De SinihsiaV Inside The Esfera. The Shadow At Left Shows That It Is 3-D Object. The Nine Stars Above, Are Something Of An Inside Joke Between Us, A Secret We Might Reveal Through The Course Of The Blog. 


Moving On To The Tagline, "Tending To The Transparent Infinity..." Means Literally As It Says. Now, You Might Question What Exactly Is "The Transparent Infinity". Before We Answer That, We'd Like To Ask You About How You View The Infinite? Maybe You See It As Like Empty Space, But Mostly You're Likely To Imagine It As Either A Black Space Or White Space, Plus It Is Endless. But, What We Here Have Is A Transparent Infinite, "The Transparent Infinity". 

Hypothetically Speaking, It's Just The Same Infinite Space, But It Is Colorless, It Is Transparent. Hard To Imagine? Well, Remember That Time When You Heard Someone Or Saw Someone Or Experienced Yourself Almost Walking Into The Glass Walls Of A Store? The Glass Was So Transparent That It Was Almost Invisible. Same Is For Our Esfera, Having Transparent And Infinite Boundaries. Sounds Absurd?


Hmm, Okay. Try To Imagine It Like This: You're In A Spherical Space But Just Like As The Glass Walls Of The Store, You Cannot See The Spherical Boundaries. Yet, In Your Mind, You Know There're Boundaries And They're Spherical, Too. Now, Why Do You Know This? Oh, Just Because We Told You So. We Just Now Told You That There's A Space And That It Is Infinite And That It Is Spherical And Has Transparent Walls, And That You Are In It!  And This Exact Same Knowledge, My Friend, Stops You From Exploring Any Further Of The Sphere, Because Of Your Fear Of Getting Your Face Banged In The Boundaries. But, Darling, Don't You Think That You Missed A Part Of The Information?


Sweetheart, It's Infinite. 


This Is Our Beautiful Mind. It Focuses More On The Fears, The Negatives Than The Obvious Positives. Again And Again, We Made You Read, That It Is Infinite, And Yet Again You Focused On The Boundaries More. The Boundaries, Dear, Are In Your Mind, And Not In The Space. In The Language, The Oxymoron, "Infinite Boundaries" Will Still Give More Weight To The Word, "Infinite" Than The Word, "Boundaries" Just Because It Is Placed After The Word "Boundaries". And, Hence, Our Purpose Here Is Fulfilled. 


Our Esfera Is Infinite. Boundless. Unlimited. Transparent. We Like To Call Is Esfera Just Because We Like The Word And Its Literal Meaning. But What We Actually Believe In The Meaning We Created For It. It Is Our World, And Hence We Choose How We Want It To Be. And, We Choose It To Be Infinite, Just Like Us. The Only Rule Here, Is That There's No Rule.*



Welcome To Esfera De SinihsiaV

- A Space Tending To Transparent Infinity...


A Place Where You Can Be Limitless, Infinite, Transparent, And Especially, Be Just YOU. It Is Ours, But, We Love To Share. And, Therefore, You Can Go On To Say It Is Yours, Too. Feel Yourself At Home, And Share Your Thoughts And Opinions. If Not, Then Just Enjoy Reading. 

Esfera De SinihsiaV Is Truly Our Own Little Passion Project. We'll Share Here Our Thoughts And Opinions About Everything And Even Many Things About Ourselves, Too. There's No Specific Topic Or Theme For The Posts. The Possibilities Are Infinite. We Hope You Enjoy Browsing Through Our Site And All Of The Unique Content We Have To Offer. Take A Look Around; Who Knows What You Might Find? Read On And Enjoy!


Thank You For Spending Your Precious Time Reading.


*Terms And Policies Apply.


Hi, Everyone!


Greetings From Nowhere, By The Guy Who Never Existed.


Since I've Never Existed, I Don't Need To Worry About Anything.

I' Have A More Pacific Life Than Any Of You Can Ever Imagine To Achieve. 

All My Focus Lies On Vacuum. But Life On Earth Is Such A Great Soup Opera... I've Decimated An Industrial Amount Of Popcorn Just While Watching It. What I'm Going To Do Here Is To Answer Some Mundane Questions From An External Perspective.


Notice: I Was Never Born, I've Never Lived, I've Never Died. And Since I Prefer The Sedentary Lifestyle I'm Used To, It's Seriously Unprovable I'll Be Ever Part Of The Cast In Such An Illusory Stage As Life Itself.

And Please, Don't Take Any Of My Ideas As An Order Or A Guideline. I'm Just Saying How I Would Behave And Think If I Had The Misfortune Of Being Born.

Don't Worry About Your Poor Life, Tiny Mortal Beings... It's Clear You're Still A Substantially Primitive Level Of What A Society Owning The Honor Of Being Called Advanced Would Be. Yet You Keep Evolving. And It's Exactly Because Of That Evolution That I Am Here. To Enlighten Some Details Of That Plot Which You're Not Aware Of As A Whole.

And As A Fan Of That Show Where You Dance In A Daily Basis, It's A Privilege To Have My Grounded Opinions Considered By You, Humanity. 

Don't Forget To Subscribe This Blog, So As To Comment My Section, And If You're Interested To Discuss More, Please Write To The Blog's Email Or Forum, And We'll Have Fun.


It's All For Now. If You Read Until This Point, I Honestly Don't Know If I Must Expect A Punch Or A Handshake By You...

But Who Cares.....I Was Never Influenced By Life On Earth, And I Only Interacted With It Once In The Past When I Randomly Planted A Palm Tree Somewhere. 

(Remember That A Tiny Portion Of The Oxygen You Breath Exists Because Of Me. No Need To Thank He-he)

Hope You Enjoy Whatever I Post In Here:)

I Also Hope You Get Delighted With The Posts Of My Pall, Bellow Introduced, As Much As I Do. She Is My Favorite Character On This Show.

Take Care!


Atsoc Sinid


P.S.: An Autograph By A Real Human Would Be Wonderful To Ornament My Wall.




Dear Readers, 


Hearty Greetings From A SinihsiaVian. 


I'm Latter Half Of The One Name SinihsiaV. I'm A Human. And I Follow Humanity. And, You Could Say I'm Pretty Religious About It. But I Tend To Be Infinite. So Whatever I Say Here Will Be Just Some Incoherent Words Forming Shape Of An Incomplete Unofficial Introduction. But Lemme Just Say It. 


I'm Merely A No One Living Somewhere In The Middle Of Nowhere For Someone Living Anywhere In The Middle Of Somewhere. But I'm Someone For A Someone Living Somewhere Amidst Somewhere. Confusing? 

Lemme Be More Realistic. I'm From A Small Town Of North-Western India. It's Quite Dry And Hot (Except For Now It's Too Cold). If You Think I'm Anything Like An Indian, I Definitely Am Physically, Externally. But From Inside, I'd Say I'm Simply A Human. Just Maybe I Have A Wrong Definition Of The Word Because Rarely A Human Is Like Me. Under Those Rare Conditions, I've Fortunately Met, My Fellow Companion But It's All Universe's Game, Whatever It Is. 


I'd Say I'm Quite Intrigued By The Universe And Its Beings. How It Is That This Thing, Whatever It Is, Was Created, How It Functions And You Know, Crazy Stuff Like That. I've Quite Some Theories(Mostly Non-Scientific) About This, Which I Plan To Share Further In Course Of This Blog. And Besides My Interests In Philosophy, I've Interests In Mythology, Psychology, And Actually, Everything And Anything Related. As I've Said, I'm Pretty Infinitely Limited Person, So There's Not Much Of A Constant Definition For Me. So As I Always Like To Say, Understand And Go With, I'd Say, I'm Just Me. :) 


And So, Here I Am, In This Tiny Sphere, Speaking My Soul. Whatever I Say Here, Is What I Want To Say And What I Want You All To See. So There's A Lot You'll Never Know Of Me. Yet, It's Your Hobby To Assume. And So You All Do Will Assume Stuff About Me. Among All Those, What I Confirm For Now Is That I'm A Seventeen-Year-Old Little Girl (Literally), Barely Passing High-School Because I'm *Cough Cough* 'Wasting' My Time Interacting With The Dear Inhabitants Of My Beautiful Earth. And I Must Say, "I Love To 'Waste' My Time. I Want To 'Waste' My Time." It's Quite Astounding To Learn New Things Everyday. 


I've Heard Many People Say, That Half-Knowledge Is Dangerous. But I'd Like To Ask Them, "Are You Really Sure That There's Even A Coherent Term Called 'Complete Knowledge' Of Something?" Because I Can Never Believe On It. As Far As I Know, I'm Not Even Sure If I'm Even Alive And A Human Living In A Not-So Blue-Green Sphere. But I'm A Selfish-Bastard. And So For My Own Satisfaction, I Believe On That So Called Fact. Yeah, All This Sounds Really Unintelligible. I Sound Really Unintelligible. But That's How I Am. And I Definitely Won't Apologize For Being Me. But I'll Apologise For Hurting Anyone Even If It Was Unintentional. I Mean, I'm Pretty Bad Person But I Don't Like Pain On Anyone. After All, I'm A Selfish-Bastard. I Like To See A Happy World Because It Makes Me Happy. 


So, World, Keep Smiling. It's Hilarious When You Smile. Sometimes Even Creepy. But Still. Who Cares? So, I'm Just Here To Spread Lot Less Than Half-Knowledge And Hilariously Creepy Smiles. 


And, How Exactly I Am Doing That? Oh, Just You Know, Sharing Incoherent Absurd Ideas Which Most Of You Will Think Are Out-Worldly. But, And There's A But, There're Some Tiny Little Freaks Of Nature, Like Me, Who'll Whole-Heartedly Agree With Me And My Dear Friend Above. And For Those, Misfits Specifically, This Little Sphere Exists.


I'm Sayv Ilahsiav, And I Welcome You All To This Wonderful Transparent Infinity Of Esfera De SinihsiaV. 


Thank You For Spending Your Leisure Time Getting To Know Me. 


Hopefully I Won't Disappoint You Ever, But No Promises! 



Sayv Ilahsiav 


P. S. You All Can Call Me ViVi. ;) 

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